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December 12, 2012
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Autumn Cyber by LancerWolf13 Autumn Cyber by LancerWolf13
Musical inspiration: "Drones" by Rise Against [link]

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Autumn Cyber belongs to me *LancerWolf13
Only I may use this character.
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First of all.. what's with all the numbers? XD

OK, so Autumn is adorable! The colors are perfect (once again). You used the perfect shades for the clothes, which contrast well with her orange fur, and tealish colored eyes. You call her the Cyber dog- though she looks almost like an Army girl~ The Tom-boy look just makes her look even more sexy as well~

I like the pose.. a lot. The stance she is in makes her look like she's ready for a fight.. though her face makes her look not so sure. It's almost as if she's a bit naive.. like a child~ If that makes any sense whatsoever.. I'm actually only writing this because you wanted me too XD

But what i love the most about this picture, is her shoes. I dunno what it is, but the way you draw feet and shoes have me all jealous! Her tennis shoes look amazing~ And the way they're facing, in her stance, is outstanding~ You really have the art thing down XD

Totally Jelly~ :heart:
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CaseyDecker Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Your Sonic character looks very nice in this picture you've done, and I like her outfit as well. :meow:
TheKavinsky Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
I would recognize Binary anywhere.
01001110 01101001 01100011 01100101 00100000 01101100 01101001 01110100 01110100 01101100 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01100100 01100101 00100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00101100 00100000 01110110 01100101 01110010 01111001 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 01100101 01100010 01101111 01100100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00101110 00101110 00101110
mephamylove Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013
mephamylove Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013
My name is autum?
LancerWolf13 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Cool :3
0rang3App3aL Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
She's pretty and has unique design, I like her.

...but what is she, exactly?
LancerWolf13 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Student General Artist
She's an artificial breed of dog created by the government. XD
ElementalHybrid Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist
Awesome. Period.
Talancir Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
great character design! :)
LancerWolf13 Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks a bunch :D
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